Giant Tank Breathers

These over-sized units stop airborne dirt from entering tanks as liquid is removed. They provide clean, filtered air fast to replace liquids going out at high rates - up to hundreds of gallons per minute

Giant tank breathers screw into NPT ports up to 3 inches in size. The threaded base is of nylon, which is strong, lightweight, and seals well against metal. (4-inch models with steel bases are also available.) The strong, steel cover protects the filter elements.

A wide selection of filter elements is offered. They are pleated to increase surface area and dirt holding capacity, and are supported by coarse wire mesh. Elements rated 40 micron and finer are made of synthetic or cellulose (paper) material. Those rated 74 and 149 microns are of stainless steel wire mesh. Elements are easily replaced and replacements are always available.

image of a giant tank breather dimensions image of giant tank unit

Select the style number and the element micron-rating you want and combine them.
Example: Style BF-2017 plus element 10C would be ordered as BF-2017-10C

NPT (in.)
2 BF-2017 10C
2-1/2 BF-2018 20C
3 BF-2019 74W
4* BF-2020 149W


For Style
Part No.
For Style
BF-2018, 9, & 20
Part No.
10C 7827 7807
20C 7827-01 7807-01
40A 7827-02 7807-02
74W 7828 7826
149W 7828-01 7826-01