All Metal

With stainless steel wire cloth, 30 to 200 mesh, epoxy joints, in flow sizes to 100 gpm. Bypass valves optional. Also with crimped ends and no epoxy (style C).

Texas Sized

With stainless steel wire cloth, 30 to 200 mesh, epoxy joints, in flow sizes to 100 gpm. Bypass valves optional. Also with crimped ends and no epoxy (style C).


Same as all-metal but with less-costly nylon connectors (style P). Also with all metal parts in stainless steel (style PASS).

Suction Screens

These screens can be used for oil, chemicals and water (they will not rust). They are made of tough glass-filled nylon and stainless steel, and mount on 3/8 to 3-in. threaded pipe. Choose from 4 to 200-mesh wire cloth.

Tank-Mounted Strainers

Installed from the outside, through the tank sidewall or top, they're easily removed for servicing. Connection styles for NPT pipe, SAE straight-thread, or hose. Stainless steel models available. Bypass valves optional.

Flow Diffusers

These units go onto return lines to slow down fluid being returned to the reservoir. They can prevent foaming, noise, and can eliminate the need for tank baffle plates. 3/4 through 3-inch NPT connections.

High Quality Wire Cloth

Our wire cloth is a metal fabric woven from high quality alloy wires in a variety of opening sizes and wire diameters. For use in hydraulic fluid power processing, plating baskets, liquid/particulate separation, chemical waste, filtration, water and wastewater treatment, silk screening, pharmaceutical processing, laboratory cages, printed circuit board manufacturing, and more. Available in aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel.

Motorsport Filter Line

Flow Ezy manufactures a complete line of filters for the motorsport market. Whether i is stock car, sprint car, motorcycle, marine, midget, karting, truck, or any performance application, we have what you need. Full range of filtration sizes and housings with tube/AN or pipe connections are available.

A2Series Wound Fabric Cartridge Equipment

For true depth-filtration, these continuous wound cartridge elements are available in a wide range of materials, lengths, and micron ratings. A single-core design is used, eliminating the "joints" common in other manufacturer's elements. Available materials include cotton, acrylics, nylon, rayon, and polypropylene.

Portable Oil Transfer and Filter System

For off-line servicing and filtering without shutting down the system, a self contained unit, it is totally portable and separate from the main unit. Reduces downtime and increases oil and component life. Can be used to transfer oil from drums, reservoirs, or cleaning up spilled hydraulic fluids. Comes complete with pump, motor, hoses, heavy duty cart, filters, and drip proof wands.


Pleated stainless wire elements are housed in &-shaped housings for four times the element area of a typical &-strainer. For suction and return line service. Pip sizes 1/2 thru 2 in., with a choice of element ratings down to 25 micron. Other sizes available.


The ultimate in sensible, workable suction and return line hydraulic (or other) fluids. Elements offered from 30-mesh wire to 3-micron paper. They are serviced through a clean -out cover. Housings are low-cost, large diameters steel tubes. Port sizes from 1 to 3 in. NPT.

The Texas™ Filter

Designed for large-volume hydraulic fluid suction or return line service filtration, these are BIG Texas-size filters, with first-quality, large-area, cleanable filter elements in a low-cost package. Available in three sizes, with flow rate capacities to nearly 700 gpm and port sizes to six inches. Connections are female NPT.

desiccant tank breather image

Desiccant Tank Breathers

The desiccant tank breather is a unique, patented air filter and water vapor removal system. These hygroscopic breatehrs prevent water and contaminants from entering fluid reservoirs as differential pressures occur through thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid.

Spin-On Filters

IndustrSIMPLEX standard units; cans interchange with other manufacturer's. Max. flows of 33 and 100 gpm, pressures to 150 psi. Die-cast aluminum heads have NPT ports, and bypass valves.

Tank Breather Adapter

Using these simple adapters, you can turn our spin-on filter (see above) elements into great big tank breathers. This provides you with better filtration of air entering your larger hydraulic tanks, plus much longer filter life. These adapters have straight‐threads on one end to attach to the filter element, and NPT threads on the other end to go into a half-coupling welded to the tank top.

Side-Mount Filler Breather

Where top surfaces are not available for locating a filler port, this unit mounts on vertical tank walls. The housing is made of tough, glass reinforced nylon.

All Nylon Suction Strainers

These all nylon suction strainers are ideal for use where stainless steel or other metal strainers might corrode or contaminate your fluid. The low cost construction also makes them economical, easSIMPLEX to-use, and disposable, saving time and money.

Tee-Ezy Filters

With your piping and our Tee-Ezy Kit, you will have a true filtering system for slightly more than you would pay for a common sump strainer and the same amount of pipe, fittings, and labor. Elements can be cleaned or replaced without draining the tank.

Oil Absorbing Insert Cartridge

Used with bag filter systems,this cartridge is made of a thick loft, polypropylene meltblown media with a polypropylene perforated core. They repel water while absorbing up to 25 times their own weight in oil and other petroleum base fluids. They are also used for cleaning up oil spills and removing rrace contaminants.

Classic Tank Breathers

These "Cadillac" models of tank breathers are the preferred ones when it comes to replacing those already in operation. Their rugged steel and/or stainless steel assembly are superior to most of those installed in typical compressor and blower systems.

Tank Breathers

To allow air to enter tanks while filtering out dirt, down to 10-micron size. Three kinds: all- steel; stell with nylon base, and all‐nylon, which uses NPT ports up to 1-1/2 in. That can double as filler holes.

GIANT Tank Breathers

Over-sized tank breathers provide clean, filtered air to replace liquids going out of tanks at high rates - up to hundreds of gallons per minute. They screw into NPT ports up to 3 inches in size. Air filter elements are rated from 149 microns down to 10 microns.

Tank Filler-Breathers

To strain fluids being added to tanks and to filter entering air. These units are offered for top or side mounting, with choice of neck height, basket depth, inner guards, dipsticks and magnets. In all-metal, all-stainless, or all‐nylon construction.

Removable strainer basket

This filler-breather gives you a place to insert a suction hose when fluid needs to be removed from a tank. The strainer basket pulls out to permit this, and it makes cleaning the basket easier, too.

Replacement Elements

Flow Ezy offers hundreds of element designs for housed hydraulic filters. They cost less than those made by major manufacturers, including:

KEENEAnd Many Others
replacement elements image

Replacement Pleated Filter Bags for Bag Filter Housings

Flow Ezy's pleated filter bags give up to 12 times the filtration that standard sock-type filter bags do. They are just like cartridges providing more surface area. Frequent bag changes can be a thing of the past by replacing standard bags with our pleated ones. They virtually come in all housing sizes and micron ranges.

Strainers or Bag Filters

For use with hydraulic fluids and other oils. These are rugged, low cost filter bag housings with flow rates to 200 GPM. They are offered in three different sizes and can be used as basket strainers or as bag filters. Easy to clean and replace baskets and bags.

Double Element Sump Strainers

These have a unique dual element construction that provides a much larger filtering area that standard units. Replaces many other manufacturer's products. Meets filtration needs in the following industries: agriculture, construction, general industrial, material handling, chemical, petroleum, machine tool and metalworking, and processing.

Customized Portable Filter Cart

A filter cart is a portable, off-line filtration system used to filter fluid inside a reservoir or to transfer fluid. Flow Ezy's customizable filter cart has many options, including filter bSIMPLEX pass, pump relief valve, retractable cord reel, sample ports, fitting selection, pump and motor selection, and color selection.

Replacement Baskets for Bag Filter Housings

It doesn''t matter who the manufacturer is of the housing you may have, most likely we can make a replacement basket for it. Any size, any configuration. If you have a special application, we can help you there as well.

Up to 3000-psi In-Line Filters

The filter elements are replaceable. They have pleated stainless steel wire cloth or cellose over a metal support tube. Choose from six micron ratings, from 238 to 3. Machined aluminum, stainless steel and steel housings. Rated from 6 to 15-gpm (suction), 12 to 22 (return line). Mounting clamps sold as option.

Replacement Lube Filter

For filtering lubricant and coolant on machine tools, this high-quality filter replaces units made by Purolator, Cincinnati Milacron and Danly, at substantial savings. The sealed metal cannister contains a high-density, pure-cellulose filter element with over 400 square inches of filtering area, rated for 10 microns. In port sizes 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-inch (NPT female).

Magnetic Filters

Magnetic filtration should be used in almost any environment where ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium contamination of a liquid can be a problem. This helps lower operating costs, increase productivity, and is more environmentally responsible. Our magnetic material is 'Rare Earth' Neodymium Iron Boron N45 Grade encapsulated in a 316 stainless steel sleeve.

Back-Pressure Inducers

These line-mounted devices consist of a spring-loaded disc built into a reducing pipe bushing. They can be used to ensure flow through a partial-flow heat exchanger, provide required back pressure in drains lines, and many other places. Eliminates the need for more expensive relief and check valves, gets the same results. Various spring ratings.

In-Line Disc Filter

For use in line where very low flow rate exists. Unit is only 1-inch in diameter and 1-3/4-inches long. 3000 psi working pressure.

Commercial Air Filtration

LEED Compliant, up to MERV 13 rated per ASHRAE Standards. Ring Panel and Cub Filters, washable permanent filters, disposable, heavy duty, spun glass, synthetic filters, and more. High efficiency air filters for ventilations systems in critical industrial and scientific applications.

"AN" Replacement Elements

For use by U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and Aerospace industry in ground support equipment, industrial, and marine hydraulic systems.

Cartridge Filter Housing

Housing is available in carbon steel and stainless steel. Simple design for cartridge change outs. Housing accepts any 9 7/8" DOE cartridge with an OD of no larger than 3" and ID of the standard 1 1/8". Available in in 1" npt connections.

Custom Filters

Do you have a custom application? Yes? But you only need a few pieces? Flow Ezy should be your place to go. All need is either a detailed sketch, engineered drawing, or sample to help you out. We also have work-sheets to help you figure it out.