Strainer Magnets

Flex-Wrap Magnets make sump strainers work better. These flexible magnets wrap around strainer elements to help catch tiny iron particles which might otherwise get through the mesh, thus improving strainer performance. They are easy to install, easy to remove for cleaning, and easy to clean (just wipe with a cloth). They don't block the pleats of the strainer; they just touch the tops.

Flex-Wrap Magnets are available in sizes for use on strainer elements with:

  • 2-in. OD (3-gpm strainer),
  • 3-in. OD (5-, 10- & 20-gpm strainers),
  • 4-in. OD (30- & 50-gpm strainers),
  • 5-in. OD (75- & 100-gpm strainers),
  • and 6, 8 and 10-in. OD (for Texas strainers).
For Strainer Element Recommended
Number of Magnets
OD(in.) GPM
2 3 1
3 5,10,20 1
4 30,50 2
5 75,100 4
6,8,10 Texas Strainer 4
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